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  • Digital & Physical Health Certificate
  • Secure, Geo Locked, Venue Codes with Consumer Incentives
  • Test Agnostic Platform
  • Secure 'True-Contact' Track, Trace & Notification System
  • IASME Consortium GDPR Certified
  • Cyber Smart - Cyber Essentials Certified

The REVIV Health Passport is a simple to use I.D. system that can display various status’ about the passport holder in the most secure way.


REVIV Health Passport scan permissions also allow other items to be viewed from the issued passport such as travel and event tickets.

The REVIV Health Passport is the worlds most secure health passport using next generation cyber security code. Using the most advanced closed loop technology with end to end encryption. Meaning it cannot be hacked.

Once a member of the public has registered their details using the passport app, they can request an appointment from one of our global test centres.

Our testing facilities follow the relevant Government guidelines to deliver the appropriate and best available testing solutions.

All of our tests are FDA approved and carried out by registered medical professionals.

Testing can be done on-site, for example at a convention centre or entertainment venue
or off-site at a mass testing location or one of our REVIV clinics.


The REVIV Health Passport Journey

Once a member of the public has signed up for their Health Passport by downloading the app they can then follow the simple steps below.

  • A member of the public books an appointment with one of our Health Passport test centres.
  • A health care administrator verifies the Health Passport user and administers the COVID test or vaccine.
  • The health care administrator uploads the test or vaccine results to the users Health Passport.
  • The member of the public can then use their Health Passport.
  • The unique passport code can be scanned over 2m away to display their current health status.
  • A geo locked venue code can be scanned by the public user for a routine symptom check.
  • Notifications can be sent to the public user routinely or on demand to maintain testing is kept up to date.

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Product Unique Features

Distance Scanning

REVIV Health Passport codes can be scanned outside the 2m safe distancing zone.  In other use cases, they can be scanned up to and over 100m away.

VCode® Variations

REVIV Health Passport code has 2.2 Quintillion secure code image variations (roughly 300m per person on the planet).

Permissioned Access

One code, infinite possibilities… multiple routes of information via a permission based platform.  Secure information is delivered based on: Who, What, Where, When a person scans a REVIV Health Passport code and with what device.

Error Correction

The REVIV Health Passport code allows 30% standard error correction on all codes and allows the code to become transparent down to 10% capacity.


The REVIV Health Passport code is up to 10s faster to interact with than other image recognition technologies saving hours in efficiency for any government or company that integrate it.

Contact Tracing

Accurate REVIV Health Passport code interaction analytics:  User I.D. code scanned, time/date, geo location (interaction only).  Notifies all users of “positive” test contacts automatically.

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